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We are about to confront a future already limned by Fifties trash culture. Sure, the big tail-fin bards of pulp celluloid may have been a bit overzealous in their space-age polymer-drunk predictions of other worldly contact, but who can blame them? Post-war optimism at its adolescent best is always apt to make one a bit […]

May Myst rust, Half-Life be damned. Civilization I through IV? Pretty damn good, granted — but Civ never caused me no pre-pubescent psychosis. I can thank Ken and Roberta Williams and the rest of the Sierra crew exclusively for that. It’s still vividly hazy to me, a fever dream of youthful obsession that comes to […]

Dope Music


Sayin dope is like the kind of music that you would love to hear…

In absence of faith, the Clash were my surrogate religion. Joe Strummer was my saviour. The three-in-one; father, son and holy spook with a battered Telecaster and rotten teeth. Greasy quiff for a crown of thorns. Sweat and gob for holy water. Assigning supernatural importance to “rock stars” is nothing new, and I’m sure Lennon […]

…with the stress on junk. These days, bands which get labelled Pop-Punk are purely commercial investments assembled or handpicked by A&Rs looking to strike while the soulless garbage-music iron is hot. Simple Plan, Hedley, Avril fucking Lavigne and any number of other bands I will (hopefully) never see or hear who are currently polluting the […]

Hey You


Go jump in a lake. But if you thought the title of this piece was a Pink Floyd reference, then you can fuck right off. Oh, it’s serious folks. Unless of course your only knowledge of the aforementioned song is from Noah Baumbach’s The Squid and the Whale. In that case, you get a pardon. […]

Now that’s a shitload of dead firemen! While I’m neither easily impressed nor callous, I just gotta give props where props are due: Go fire go! Too long have you been imprisoned by our generating stations, cigarettes and stoves; held down by the stranglehold of learned servitude — kept in check by our plentiful water. […]