Hey You



Go jump in a lake. But if you thought the title of this piece was a Pink Floyd reference, then you can fuck right off. Oh, it’s serious folks. Unless of course your only knowledge of the aforementioned song is from Noah Baumbach’s The Squid and the Whale. In that case, you get a pardon. Cherish it.

Because I’m sick of hearing about Pink Floyd. I’m sick of seeing the cover to Dark Side of the fucking Moon on every third average-male-high-school-student’s black t-shirt. I’m sick of the ongoing tendency towards Floyd-worship being a rite of passage for establishment rockcrit types worldwide so they can proceed to wring their hands and wait with bated breath for another Waters-Gilmour collaboration every six months or so. Meanwhile, something worthwhile that doesn’t reek of mothballs and moldy Birkenstocks gets overlooked. So just give it up.

It’s not that Pink Floyd are horrible. Not at all. In fact, I actually enjoy most of Meddle and, while not entirely relevant to the discussion, a lot of Syd Barrett’s post-Floyd material is at least charming.

There’s nothing particularly wrong with Pink Floyd, they’re merely irrelevant circa: the here and now, long since reduced to a mere logo for intellectually neutered middle-class conformity — the Budweiser of erstwhile proggy art-student music. Packaged and sold.

So weep for poor crazy old Syd Barrett, kids, and don’t do acid.


2 Responses to “Hey You”

  1. 1 Keeny-kun

    Truthfully, I believe that Pink Floyd was one rock band that transcended their time, producing a very unorthodox product that, apparently, is having it’s second go-around. What I cannot stand, is people who wear logo shirts without even realizing what it is they’re ultimately advertising. Now, even though I know Pink Floyd’s work well, I would never ever wear a shirt with ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ or ‘The Wall’ splayed on the front of it because I don’t believe in corporate advertising. It’s what’s burning our society to the ground. People have become walking billboards, and what’s more, doing so has become a fashion trend. When people are wearing clothes and buying goods just because some Barbie-No-Brains model says it’s ‘cool’ is officially when individuality has gone down the drain. And apparently, it has.

  2. 2 arsebundren

    Like I said, I really have no problem with the band themselves and once again, you speak the truth.

    Never before has music — rather, the iconography thereof — been so closely allied with marketing and corporate interests. Who’s to blame? The ‘Moby’ argument goes that most ‘artists’ have no choice but to suckle the corporate teet for their cashola since commercial radio has become so compartmentalized and draconian with their programming.

    But that’s nothing new…radio has been doing this since the seventies. It’s why punk rock happened in the first place. Of course, now it’s just another tool to sell skateboards and tattoos to teenagers.


    Individuality is dead. Rather, it’s still around in a few cases, but not really recognizable in the prevailing sense of the term. In my opinion, people wihtout any piercings, tattoos or tight black band t-shirts are the true individuals. The ‘individual’ has been reduced to another focus group for marketers.

    And it’s only going to get worse, but I have a feeling I’m preaching to the choir.

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