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Replaced by Computer Rooms and Home Offices, the Den has been stricken from the landscape of contemporary domestic architectural nomenclature. Technology strikes again! Prior to the Information Age, not all homes had a computer. Oh it’s hard to fathom now, but there once was a time when the majority had none. And even then, those […]

In fact, one dollar doesn’t buy much of anything these days — possibly a shitty cup of gas station coffee, but only if you know where to look. Of course, if you live near a dollar store (and in the Maritimes, who doesn’t?) you have a veritable cornucopia of fine imported products ready to brighten […]

First, a few ground rules and an explanation: There will be no mention of child pornography or swordfish, drug and alcohol abuse or both bands’ recent penchant for whoring themselves to the highest bidder. Kenny Jones is off limits as well, so too Roger Daltrey’s flowing locks and buckskin fetish. The term “Moon the Loon” […]

Why is this? The lingering residue of former indie darling backlash? Sure, they weren’t exactly world beaters, but I like(d) Cub. They were sort of our own good natured version of riot-grrl fed through a Beat Happening filter — unpretentious, charmingly amateur pop-punk that recalled both early Ramones and the sweetness inherent to slightly off-kilter […]

I don’t care if the perpetrator is male or female — although recently the glut of po-faced GWAGs (girl-with-acoustic-guitar) has been overwhelming — people who sit around strumming acoustic guitars as if their lives depended on it (when they should instead be fingering their student loans), sweating through the vacuum-sealing of their souls like they’re […]

I recently picked up a copy of Steinbeck’s The Pearl at the local Sally Ann and upon a cursory flip-through noticed several faded notes scribbled here and there by a previous reader. It happens — an offense I’m guilty of myself and who can really complain when it’s a fifty cent book? Not I. Best […]

At the age of twelve I developed a rabid interest in models of the scale variety. It was a simpler time, a time when all one needed to know was that Monogram was good, Revell was shite and Testors wasn’t kidding around with their “use only in well-ventilated areas” warning. Now don’t mistake me for […]