One Dollar Does Not Buy Peace Of Mind


pregnancy test

In fact, one dollar doesn’t buy much of anything these days — possibly a shitty cup of gas station coffee, but only if you know where to look.

Of course, if you live near a dollar store (and in the Maritimes, who doesn’t?) you have a veritable cornucopia of fine imported products ready to brighten your home, garden and bathroom. Knockoff toiletries, “Herbal Extracts” shampoo (not to be confused with its orgasm-inducing “inspiration”), foodstuffs of questionable pedigree and all the choking hazards and questionably themed storybooks a morbidly fixated child could hope for (I love Jimmy the Giraffe Gets a Goiter).

All this and still, horizons continue to broaden for eager loonie-laden consumers:

I was in a local Dollarama last night when what should catch my eye but a pregnancy test; for less than the cost of sponsoring a talking-head-approved child abroad, you can now find out whether or not you’re expecting one of your very own. Probably. Well, maybe.

Personally — and I don’t have a uterus so the point is moot — I’d like a bit more reassurance about the whole thing. Like at least two dollars worth… no, make that five — at least as much as the McHappy meals that will, no doubt, become a staple of this prospective child’s diet.


4 Responses to “One Dollar Does Not Buy Peace Of Mind”

  1. 1 Giuliana

    I’ve seen pregency tests in my pound shop too. Madness. In case you’re interested I have a blog about trying to survive a month only shopping at the pound shop..

    🙂 Giuliana

  2. 2 arsebundren

    Heheh, you’re braver than I. Our dollar stores don’t have much in the way of food, though… aside from candy, but I suppose a pound is worth almost twice as much as a Canadian dollar (normally, right now it’s closer to $1.37 CDN). I think we might have a few canned goods, but nothing frozen or boxed. Other than cookies.

  3. 3 Giuliana

    Braver or a lot more stupid…:)

    No, pound shops here don’t have anything frozen – no fridge or freezer – and nothing green. There’s quite a lot of pre-packaged food and an equal amount of sweets…

  4. 4 dollarstoreadventures

    I’ve got to agree about the dollar store. My blog’s about my work at one: we sell everything from cleaning supplies, to shovels labelled as rakes, to scented toilet paper holders.

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