Where Have All The Dens Gone?



Replaced by Computer Rooms and Home Offices, the Den has been stricken from the landscape of contemporary domestic architectural nomenclature. Technology strikes again! Prior to the Information Age, not all homes had a computer. Oh it’s hard to fathom now, but there once was a time when the majority had none. And even then, those lucky few didn’t have it nearly as good as we all have it now. Does anyone miss BBSing? BASIC games? I refuse to engage in any nostalgia here.

Not so for the erstwhile Den, for I miss a good Den.

The Den was a much more peaceful alternative to the Computer Room. No white-noise generating fans to weigh you down with the constant reminder of what you should be doing right now. No flourescent lighting. And pillows. Lots of pillows.

Once a haven for deskborne inspiration, the Den (or Study) has fallen out of favour with the fickle masses who seemingly require much less subtle labelling for their rooms. “What’s a Den anyways?” It’s important, ignoramous — if one does not know the proper name for any given room whereby one finds oneself situated at any given point in time on a three dimensional plane of existence, one ceases to exist. It’s that simple.

Banished from th’floorplan eternal.

Sounds like a pharmaceutical doesn’t it? Thaflorpan — to help cope with the loss of your life. The Den’s life, rather.

It’s really not worth killing yourself over. Although one has to wonder why the computer has been given seeming carte blanche to waltz all over long established parameters in determining key functionality in a living space. So what? You say, I’m typing this on a computer right now. I would say you’re right.

But I’m doing so in my Den.


One Response to “Where Have All The Dens Gone?”

  1. I purchased a home nuilt in the 60’s and needed a place for the home office so I converted an extra closet (which was pretty deep) in the master bedroom to the perfect spot! I even put in a window. While doing this I managed to keep the den alone and I enjoy my den with my kids. You can always figure out a way to have your cake AND eat it too!!!
    Great Blog by the way!

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