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I want to go as Harry the Nazi for Halloween this year. Yes, I want to dress up like Prince Harry dressed up like a brownshirt — rather, what appears to be the average drunken frat boy variant thereof. I think it would go over just fine. I would only be wearing the costume to […]

Indie Schmindie


Indie is the new Alternative, curdled homogenized barf; The Nickelback of 2015 will swap denim for sweater and scarf. Sweater Rock reigns supreme. One cannot sit through a commercial break at any point during the day without being exposed to a veritable mixtape of pseudo-hipster music. Big bucks. Everyone is cool these days, especially advertising […]

Last Saturday morning I took a walk which began and ended painlessly, but got snagged up in the middle. Upon my approach to the midpoint of the local walking bridge, a young man wearing a white oxford shirt and black dockers emerged from his hiding place to the side and began to speak to me, […]

Five Bad Smells


Or the Top Five Vilest Odours of All Time, if you’re into rankings (aside — my spell-checker is telling me that “Odour” is spelled incorrectly. There it goes again! Parentheses be damned! American imperialism strikes again! I don’t care). So here it is. In the spirit of the Age and the pointless game show build-ups […]