Five Bad Smells


Or the Top Five Vilest Odours of All Time, if you’re into rankings (aside — my spell-checker is telling me that “Odour” is spelled incorrectly. There it goes again! Parentheses be damned! American imperialism strikes again! I don’t care).

So here it is. In the spirit of the Age and the pointless game show build-ups that seem to have so defined public discourse as of late, I present to you — in no particularly chronological order — a gratuitous helping of commercials!

Or not. Let’s just get into it.

chicken fat

Chicken Fat – I’m talking about the fluid that results from the roasting or frying of chicken. Well, not so much the fluid but the substance it becomes once cooled down, neither liquid nor solid — a blackish sort of burned-on sludge. In open air the smell is mildly unpleasant; not exactly something one would wish to rub beneath their underarms, but not gag inducing. When introduced into a medium of lukewarm, three-loads since dishpan water, however, this little trooper shines. Gradually the water has its effect on the surface of the fat-smeared frying pan, usually while you’re busy drying the previous load of dishes. Upon return to your sink-front post, the aroma comes wafting up from the surface of the brackish brew of soggy Kraft dinner effluent and frozen pizza sink sausage like the first whiff of freshly lit dogshit incense, pummeling your sense of smell, triggering the gag reflex. Sharp and moist, reminiscent of terminal foot odour, but kinda sweet too.


Foot Odour – Obvious perhaps, but a good belt of foot odour can upset even the most settled of stomachs. Despite this, foot odour is perhaps the most socially acceptable of human body aromas, the easiest to laugh off and crack wise about. Why? Feet are involved and feet are funny. What other part of our body do we constantly bring into contact with filth, guarded only by a thin layer of fabric and/or equally filthy footwear? Of course feet stink. They’re always working, always sweating. Constantly shedding dead skin, making their own gravy. Something to be beheld, really.


Deer Entrails – I have not had the pleasure of bearing witness to a deer gutting since I was a boy of twelve, so I’m not entirely sure whether the entrails were solely to blame. Perhaps it was the mere thought of being in contact with a living creature’s insides that made me blanch, but the image of my grandfather reaching inside and pulling the guts of the freshly killed deer through its gaping underbelly onto the dusty concrete of the barn floor put any future plans of mine to hunt in a similar state. I’ve cleaned and gutted fish before and since and those wily water breathers have got nothing on venison for pure stank in the guts department. The kind of smell that makes you weak in the knees unromantically, kicks you in the balls and then laughs.


Ass – Yes, ass smells. This is reflected in the existence of such expressions as “damn dude, that smells like ass!” It is not mere coincidence. You can wash your ass religiously, every hour on the hour even, but it will still stink. Sweaty, confined areas of the human body are impossible to render odourless, especially when they act as a corridor for waste. The French know this, hence the bidet. Us loutish North Americans, however, have no time to bathe our ass cracks in water. We merely take a few swipes with multi-ply tissue until it no longer feels as though the pan is being greased and call it a day. Back to work, burdened with a stank ass within the first few sweat-inducing steps across the office or work site. It’s also notable that someone else’s ass always smells worse than your own. Damn dude, that does smell like ass.

bok bok baaaak

Burning Chicken Feathers – Maybe I’m over representing the noble chicken, but I’m not playing favorites, nor am I trying to infer that chickens are any more disgusting than any other animal, human or otherwise. Like deer entrails, the smell of chicken feathers being incinerated was etched onto my being during childhood and I have yet to shake it. Every year as summer drew to a close, my family would head to the Sussex flea market for three days of sun, rain, secondhand junk and the smell of burning chicken feathers. The flea market was held in a farmer’s field off the Trans-Canada, just outside Sussex, New Brunswick. Nearby, but out of sight, was a chicken processing plant. Every day before supper time, the remaining feathers of a day’s work would be burned up. This happened to coincide with the chicken barbeque on the flea market grounds, thus reminding everyone of what exactly they were feasting upon, chickens reunited with their feathers for a fleeting moment in the air currents above and the noses below. I don’t recall anyone actually getting sick, but if mustard gas is allegedly worse than a cloud of burned chicken feather particles then I’ll have to try it out first and get back to you. But I don’t buy it.


9 Responses to “Five Bad Smells”

  1. Oh dear……

    I read this site because, well, it’s very very well written… and funny.

    I had high hopes.

    but you went ahead and used the “Ass” word. tut tut tut.


  2. 2 arsebundren


    I’m an equal opportunist when it comes to ass and arse, although I too prefer the latter. I mean, it’s my name after all. So don’t fret. 😉

  3. 3 Rainbow77

    This was a funny. But I am sure there are more than 5 smelly things that can be etched in one’s mind.

  4. 4 arsebundren

    Oh, there are an infinite amount of bad smells… but it’s a top five, see? 😉

  5. 5 iggyb0b

    im currently concocting a vile brew consisting of (amongst other things)month old milk, soggy 3 week old rotten potatoes, some dolmio sauce, some over-ripe/rotten fruit, some chicken fat, and 1 rotten egg. over the next week im going to add some mayonaisse, some fish juice or guts and maybe some giblets. this may seem strange but come halloween im going to make every1 who comes to my house smell it and video their reaction….just for kicks 🙂

  6. 6 arsebundren

    Ouch… that’s sounds positively vile. Good job. I forgot about the effectiveness of rotten vegetables until I cleaned out my fridge yesterday.

  7. 7 shang

    where did you find those feet?
    i would like to get permission
    to use that image on my site. =D

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  9. Great information. Lucky me I discovered your blog by chance (stumbleupon).
    I have book-marked it for later!

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