It’s That Time of Year Again


Harry The Nazi

I want to go as Harry the Nazi for Halloween this year. Yes, I want to dress up like Prince Harry dressed up like a brownshirt — rather, what appears to be the average drunken frat boy variant thereof. I think it would go over just fine.

I would only be wearing the costume to work, not on the street. Besides, I’m sure I’d stand a much better chance of being beaten to a pulp if I were instead dressed up in traditional Muslim, Hasidim or Homosexual garb; Nazis are normally the ones doing the beating, unfortunately not the other way around.

It’s a very complex costume, one that works on different levels by

a) poking fun at the royal family and the notion of ascendancy — easy target, I know;


b) making a statement about British aristocratic collusion with the Nazis during the run-up to WWII.

Of course, while fascism is all the rage as of late, I’d still probably lose my job.


3 Responses to “It’s That Time of Year Again”

  1. The devil with the blue dress on would be a good second best choice.

  2. 2 arsebundren

    Hahha… it would indeed. That’s the best costume idea I’ve heard in awhile.

  3. 3 amandaaaaaaa[:

    its halloween!! i mean come on. give the guy a break!!!!

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