I Got A New Amp



It’s an Orange Crush 30R and it might just be the best sounding solid-state amp I’ve ever heard. Plus, it’s an Orange and it’s orange.


3 Responses to “I Got A New Amp”

  1. Ah orange amps…. they were always those strange things mixed up with the Fal 50’s and other unknown brands at the back of second hand shops in Sunderland.

    As a drummer of course I have no idea about musicle instruments.

  2. also, as a regular reader I think my blog site should be given at least a blace in your very sparse blogroll……..

    bugger, guess I should at least add this site to mine….

  3. 3 arsebundren


    Fer sure, man. I actually forgot about the blog roll… I shall add you posthaste.

    I’ve always been intrigued by Orange amps due to their colour and sheer Britishness. It also pretty much nails that Live at Leeds tone I’ve been after.

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