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I see confused recognition in his eyes. “You look familiar” he says, hand cupping chin, looking floorward. “TV! That show with that guy! You were, uh…” Yes? Go on, say it. Oh, never mind — I’ll say it. “I was the fat guy.” “Yeah! You played the fat guy!” No, I did not play the […]

The most underrated band in rock and roll? Perhaps. While Led Zeppelin bask in the glory of overexposure, Thin Lizzy languish in relative obscurity despite a run of amazing albums during the latter half of the seventies that outshine the parallel output of that oft-vaunted “greatest band in rock and roll history”. “The Boys Are […]

Another 365


The calendar is funny. Well, our calendar is funny, since I’m not overly familiar with other calendars, but they do exist and this simple fact speaks volumes on the arbitrary ways in which humans break time up into smaller pieces. Existence is a much easier concept to grasp when one can think of their life […]

Top tens. This time of year, people love to take stock of things that have touched their lives or whatever over the previous twelve months and then arrange the results into digestible little chunks of data, usually numbered, bulleted or “in no particular order”. I too like to engage in this activity, not that I […]