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Author’s note: I’m not entirely sure what this is. The makings of a short story? Self-indulgent crap? You be the judge. ‘I’m sick of all these hipsters – indie kids, or whatever the hell they call themselves these days.’ He huddles further into his green surplus parka, an array of obscure third and fourth wave […]



Ever had a bad sex dream? No, not fast-food induced nightmares involving the de-clawed beast with two backs run amok, nor a low rent cable reality show about a failed online porno startup — just your average REM interludes that happen to feature a session of lackluster lovemaking. Never had one? Oh you’re missing out. […]

Dogs and Cats


I never used to consider myself a cat person. In my youth I had a devoted companion in my canine pal Leroy (yes, Leroy as in Lee-Roy, as in ‘bad bad Leroy Brown’), a collie mix and a generally wonderful animal who would no doubt have given his life to protect mine had the opportunity […]