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Is someone close to you thinking about committing homicide? Have any friends, relatives or coworkers exhibited signs recently of a potential proclivity for homicide? One must always be vigilant, especially during the months when stress from an unremitting winter begins to take its toll on even the most iron-willed among us. One day, usually in […]

A Midweek Pome


I’ve always shied away from assigning themes to different days of the week, but since my pen isn’t exactly overflowing with meaty prose as of late (would I really want it to? not exactly pleasant imagery, if you ask me), I will succumb to blogosphere conformity and plumb the depths of my dusty notebook every […]

Fudge it all to heck! That’s what I say. Fudge it. Just say ‘to heck with it’, or better yet, ‘to heck with all this gall darn garbage’. Exclamation! …but don’t abuse it. Let the words do their job, free from the burden of black marks and such. So tell it to go jump in […]