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Four Statements


I hate rap, but I love Eminem. I hate country music, but I love Charlie Pride. I hate rap, but I love the Beastie Boys. I hate basketball, but I love Bryant Reeves. Are all four of these statements equally ridiculous? Removing sexual attraction from the mix, my instincts want to go with ‘yes, yes […]



Some more poetry… I suppose if I have a favorite among the few that I’ve written, this is it. So judge me accordingly, because I’m a terrible judge of myself and if the words do nothing for you, a veritable cornucopia of over-punctuation just might. life is not beautiful; discussion thereof: clichéd, confined to highschools, […]

Former Glories


BRITAIN STREET Saint John, New Brunswick This is a street at war. The smallest children battle with clubs till the blood comes, shout ‘fuck you!’ like a rallying cry –– while mothers shriek from doorsteps and windows as though the very names of their young were curses: ‘Brian! Marlene! Damn you! God damn you!’ or […]

A Friday Pome


Another perpetual work-in-progress from the archives, horrendous formatting and all. Convenience Shortened breath sweat beads condensation on a pint glass — the collar’s edge a deeper blue. Doubled over labouriously calloused hands on knees. Too much. Season premieres, Sunday nights. Dog ends and grocery bags, Fives and tens, aces and dice; Bingo daubers and potato […]

In these times of institutionalized rebellion and state-sanctioned nonconformity, what are the last true radicals to do? There was a time when sticking one’s fingers in the air was an act of defiance, when dying one’s hair or cutting it at odd angles was edgy and cool, a display of bold individuality. No more. Tattoos? […]

Depression: with one hand it giveth, with the other it taketh away. Wild mood swings have been a constant companion/foe of creative types for, uh, a long time. In fact, most of my literary heroes were manic depressives who battled with addiction and depression for most of their lives. I’m no different, although I highly […]

Most people seem to draw inspiration from their surroundings, from the world, from their friends and acquaintances, but not I. I receive stimuli, but they hardly qualify as inspiration. In fact, going online and reading boneheaded drivel (which has become unavoidable these days on the so-called ‘net’) tends to put me in a bleak mood. […]