Some more poetry… I suppose if I have a favorite among the few that I’ve written, this is it. So judge me accordingly, because I’m a terrible judge of myself and if the words do nothing for you, a veritable cornucopia of over-punctuation just might.

life is not beautiful;
discussion thereof: clichéd,
confined to highschools,
churches and marketing firms.

enlightenment has been chased indoors
agoraphobic from the noble sun,
beams broken through dust of bygone days,
wrinkling skin and lowering pay.

but go ahead and cast an eye
across this purchased land
of single-serving cynics
hawking sugar drugs and spam,
in the aisle in the mind,
on the screen on the hand

where the cup overflows with bountiful ease;
homogenized milk and processed cheese.
raise it to your lips, but bear in mind
that even bad consumers have to eat…

from inside out they scrape away,
they scrape away ‘til naught remains
but an ulcer of self-loathing doubt —
through which drips the distillation
of our worth to state and nation.

but take comfort friends,
for not all is lost;
we have scanned the figures,
tallied the cost,
laughed at the expense
of the universal boss

mined for gold in bargain bins,
drained the oil from tuna tins;
screened our calls and strained our backs,
riddled flesh with pin and wall with tack.
lived vicariously, wireless hands-free.
taken lovers, husbands, wives —

and when schadenfreude would no longer suffice,
killed a god just to bring it back to life.


One Response to “more”

  1. 1 tearee

    this poem is awesome and should be published. get to it boy!

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