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I’ve been at it for ten years now… actually, closer to twelve now that I think about it. No, ten. See, I started with the bass and puttered around with the four-string for a couple of years before dropping a hundred and fifty bucks on a piece of shit pawnshop no-name electric six-string. It was […]

“I’ve seen a million faces — and I’ve rocked them all!” – JBJ He came at me out of nowhere, leaping from his steel horse, flowing locks flying in the breeze and, with a shout of ‘I’m a cowboy!’, proceeded to rock my face without consent — expressed, written or otherwise. Now, I was minding […]

He’s approaching the four-way stop at a speed indicatitive of a man who means business, a man who has somewhere to go and the clock is ticking. Our bicycle-borne subject comes to a stop mere feet from my open driver’s side window and we lock eyes. There are no cars behind me, and we are […]

Flood Season


And so the mighty Saint John river unleashes its winterborne wrath upon a half-suspecting valley. Fredericton has water in the streets, but we’re not exactly talking about a massive disaster. Downriver? Not so lucky. I have no pictures, because the area is closed and, well, flooded, but I would think quite a few homes have […]