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First impression: this album isn’t very good… nowhere near as good as Missed the Boat. So I’ll give it another chance. Ok, still not crazy about the mix. The guitars are too thin and trebly, drowning out the vocals in places while sounding like something belched forth from my old Peavey Audition 110 despite the […]

If anyone has been wondering why I haven’t conjured any new posts for the past week, well it wasn’t just the usual laziness or sleep deprivation. No no. As it turns out, I was out of country. Stateside. Braving the confines south-of-the-border style, living it up in the land of Bush-Cheney and painting New England […]

Me and my friends are like the drums on ‘Lust for Life’ And with a wall of buzzsaw guitar, piano and 4/4 drums, so begins Stay Positive, the fourth full-length offering from The Hold Steady and the first album I’ve ever purchased off iTunes. God that sounds formal, doesn’t it? This happens everytime I start […]

The Language


                    I languish because I do not speak the language. I do this willfully. I do it as a point of pride, for turning common sense into an empty pseudoscience based on meaningless terms, insincerity and selfish glee should be considered a crime against humanity and […]