The Steinways – Gorilla Marketing


First impression: this album isn’t very good… nowhere near as good as Missed the Boat. So I’ll give it another chance.

Ok, still not crazy about the mix. The guitars are too thin and trebly, drowning out the vocals in places while sounding like something belched forth from my old Peavey Audition 110 despite the fact that they are most likely the product of Marshall stacks. WTF? Maybe it’s just my crappy computer speakers, so I’ll give it a listen on my headphones.


Slight improvement, but the hooks just aren’t there. Their first full-lenth — the aforementioned Missed the Boat — pretty much singlehandedly restored my faith in the entire genre of pop-punk, that is, the old-school, non-makeup and whining, purely teeny demographic variant thereof. You know, like the Buzzcocks, early Green Day, The Queers and Mr. T Experience? That stuff. Like the first couple of Chixdiggit! albums.

So it pains me to write this.

I like The Steinways, they seem like cool people and I wish them all the best, but this album isn’t doing it for me. Chalk it up to the sophomore slump, but I ain’t feeling it. Every song sort of bleeds into the next with no sort of lasting impression, but maybe it will be a grower? Who knows. The summer is still young and this is the sort of music that could become a fitting soundtrack.

I won’t go into specifics, because if you’re even half-interested in the Steinways, you should pick up this album and listen yourself, make your own decision and hopefully disagree with this shitty review. Or not. I don’t really care if you’d rather listen to My fucking Chemical Romance. Suit yourself, loser.

In conclusion, you could always do a lot worse than The Steinways and while they seem to lose a step with Gorilla Marketing, everyone makes a misstep once in a while.

It’s still worlds better than anything passing for “punk” on commercial radio and if they would play anywhere within one hundred miles of here, I’d still go, get drunk and sing along like a fool if given the chance, then wake up the next morning feeling embarrassed for spilling that full pint of draft and then pretending like it wasn’t mine.


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