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She turns to me, indignant, wiping pickle juice from her fingers. ‘I told told him, “don’t put no pickles on there” and when I went to eat it, it was full of pickles!’ ‘Um.’ ‘Some people, eh?’ Some people indeed. But somewhere out there in a strip mauled suburbia, crushed beneath the oppressive flourescence of […]

I always considered Carl Barat, vocally if not lyrically, to be a sort of poor man’s Joe Strummer, but on his second post-Libertines offering from the Dirty Pretty Things (who themselves are a retooled version of the latter day Doherty-less touring lineup of the former band) he slips a notch or two more to end […]

Hey, How goes it? Long time no see, er, talk. Or whatever one can reasonably deem interpersonal communication to be in this post-modern, post-literate world. How are your folks? Dead? Yeah? Sorry. Shit happens, I guess. No one lives forever. How’s your job? Still getting paid every week, or was it bi-weekly? Can’t remember. You […]

Bored. Uncreative. Goddamn. It’s friday and I feel as though I should write something. Anything. Maybe I should hold forth on the passing of yet another of my heroes… George Carlin. Nah, too depressing. He did live a long life, though, and stayed sharp as shattered glass to the very end. Fuck. We need more […]

Blue Freezies


“Fuck!” I can’t see him, since I’m laying flat on my back in bed ten seconds past a dead sleep, but I imagine him shaking, clenched jaw and fists, most likely wearing a stained wifebeater and sagging black jeans, frantically wiping the midday sweat from his patchy goatee as he paces back and forth in […]