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I know a guy who does hydromorphone because he isn’t into brand names and he doesn’t use a needle, just a twenty dollar bill — which he says pays for half of one useful little pill. But it takes the edge off the d-N-methylamphetamine He grinds them up and savours that burn. He gets high […]

“Did you see Prison Break┬álast night?” “I don’t watch that shit.” “What, are you crazy?” “No, I just have higher standards than you when it comes to television.” “Bullshit.” “Whatever.” “But that’s ok, because as long as there are people like you walking around, the world will never end.” I truly believe this. The man […]

Cowboy Hats


A cowboy hat is not an acceptable fashion accessory unless you are a cowboy, cowgirl, or bass player in a top 40 cover band. You’re welcome.

Our man, struck with a sudden burst of inspiration, searches desperately for an unlocked car. There, down that side street. He strides with purpose, with passion. He moves like a gassy fellow searching for antacid in a stranger’s bathroom. The car is unlocked, but he’s not sold on it. Bit ugly. Bit old. Bit old-mannish. […]