Cowboy Hats


A cowboy hat is not an acceptable fashion accessory unless you are a cowboy, cowgirl, or bass player in a top 40 cover band.

You’re welcome.


3 Responses to “Cowboy Hats”

  1. 1 Rustin

    A cowboy hat isn’t supposed to be a fashion accessory. It IS one if you’re playing bass in a top 40 cover band, or if you’re some sort of Bev Hills celeb wearing a taco shaped ‘cowboy’ hat, but a genuine cowboy hat is a functional article of clothing – not an accessory, believe it or not.

  2. 2 Rustin

    And I forgot to mention… ‘you’re welcome’ too.

  3. 3 arsebundren

    What? You mean that wide brim is there to, I don’t know, keep rain and sun off the shoulders of the wearer whilst in an exposed geographical region like the plains? Thanks for the news flash oh great sarcastic oracle.

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