Novel Writing Month


I realize that my posting habits have always tended toward the sporadic, but as of late I haven’t really done much of anything with this place. An excuse for November, though: I’m going to (try to) write a novel or, to be more precise, a chunk of novel-length prose that I will proclaim to be a novel. I figure I need to hammer out two thousand words a day which means I really need to shed my usual hangups, not worry about much of anything and just let that shit flow. In homage to Kerouac, I’m writing the whole thing as one long text file in Notepad, horrendous formatting and all, in an updated version of ‘the scroll.’ It will most likely end up being little more than an embarassment, but what the hell. Right? So, I doubt I’ll be posting much of anything here for the next month or so. So to my three or four faithful readers: sorry. To everyone else: don’t worry, I won’t be taking the picture of ‘dogs playing poker’ down any time soon. It’s reponsible for 90% of the hits this place gets. It’s my cash cow. Rather, my poverty cow. Or, more accurately, my working-poor, no savings, debt-laden cow.


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