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The Sound of Jet Noise is the Sound of Freedom! They Attacked Us On Sept. 11, 2001 Because… We Are Americans! – Dry Cleaners’ sign, Bangor, Maine. Last weekend I went to Maine in what was only my second foray into the post-9/11 US of A and found myself confronted with a distinct lack of […]

Last Saturday morning I took a walk which began and ended painlessly, but got snagged up in the middle. Upon my approach to the midpoint of the local walking bridge, a young man wearing a white oxford shirt and black dockers emerged from his hiding place to the side and began to speak to me, […]

Church is not cool. It never was and never will be despite any and all attempts at making worship contemporary by appealing to the youth of the young generation, libidinous walking hairdos that they are. Back in the day, parishioners didn’t parishon in the hopes of looking cool or coming into contact with anything hip […]