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Most people seem to draw inspiration from their surroundings, from the world, from their friends and acquaintances, but not I. I receive stimuli, but they hardly qualify as inspiration. In fact, going online and reading boneheaded drivel (which has become unavoidable these days on the so-called ‘net’) tends to put me in a bleak mood. […]

The Sound of Jet Noise is the Sound of Freedom! They Attacked Us On Sept. 11, 2001 Because… We Are Americans! – Dry Cleaners’ sign, Bangor, Maine. Last weekend I went to Maine in what was only my second foray into the post-9/11 US of A and found myself confronted with a distinct lack of […]

I want to go as Harry the Nazi for Halloween this year. Yes, I want to dress up like Prince Harry dressed up like a brownshirt — rather, what appears to be the average drunken frat boy variant thereof. I think it would go over just fine. I would only be wearing the costume to […]