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If anyone has been wondering why I haven’t conjured any new posts for the past week, well it wasn’t just the usual laziness or sleep deprivation. No no. As it turns out, I was out of country. Stateside. Braving the confines south-of-the-border style, living it up in the land of Bush-Cheney and painting New England […]

The Sound of Jet Noise is the Sound of Freedom! They Attacked Us On Sept. 11, 2001 Because… We Are Americans! – Dry Cleaners’ sign, Bangor, Maine. Last weekend I went to Maine in what was only my second foray into the post-9/11 US of A and found myself confronted with a distinct lack of […]

Two Guys


Two guys. First guy says Islam is the dominant religion among people who inhabit the Middle-Eastern portion of the planet Earth. Second guy says show me some numbers. First guy says numbers! are you crazy? Second guy says no, my name is John and I need to see some numbers. First guy says it’s common […]