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George Carlin once said that there are no ‘bad’ words, just combinations of letters which we assign meaning to – or something like that; linguistics is a field which I’ve always meant to check out but, being a lazy, depressive sort, have never really got around to it. Stand-up comedy on the other hand (and […]

‘Awww, don’t be a hater, maan.’ No? Why not? Negativity happens to be my existential P.F.D. Would you rather me drown in this sea of bullshit where I so often find myself suspended? Would you rather I plaster a chemical smile across my face and pretend as though everything is fine and dandy in this […]

Naked East


The folks at Naked East, a blog dedicated to New Brunswick writing and culture, have been kind enough to publish one of my stories, ‘Our Game’ — so check them out!

I realize that my posting habits have always tended toward the sporadic, but as of late I haven’t really done much of anything with this place. An excuse for November, though: I’m going to (try to) write a novel or, to be more precise, a chunk of novel-length prose that I will proclaim to be […]

She turns to me, indignant, wiping pickle juice from her fingers. ‘I told told him, “don’t put no pickles on there” and when I went to eat it, it was full of pickles!’ ‘Um.’ ‘Some people, eh?’ Some people indeed. But somewhere out there in a strip mauled suburbia, crushed beneath the oppressive flourescence of […]

Blue Freezies


“Fuck!” I can’t see him, since I’m laying flat on my back in bed ten seconds past a dead sleep, but I imagine him shaking, clenched jaw and fists, most likely wearing a stained wifebeater and sagging black jeans, frantically wiping the midday sweat from his patchy goatee as he paces back and forth in […]

Flood Season


And so the mighty Saint John river unleashes its winterborne wrath upon a half-suspecting valley. Fredericton has water in the streets, but we’re not exactly talking about a massive disaster. Downriver? Not so lucky. I have no pictures, because the area is closed and, well, flooded, but I would think quite a few homes have […]