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I’ve been at it for ten years now… actually, closer to twelve now that I think about it. No, ten. See, I started with the bass and puttered around with the four-string for a couple of years before dropping a hundred and fifty bucks on a piece of shit pawnshop no-name electric six-string. It was […]

It’s an Orange Crush 30R and it might just be the best sounding solid-state amp I’ve ever heard. Plus, it’s an Orange and it’s orange.

I don’t care if the perpetrator is male or female — although recently the glut of po-faced GWAGs (girl-with-acoustic-guitar) has been overwhelming — people who sit around strumming acoustic guitars as if their lives depended on it (when they should instead be fingering their student loans), sweating through the vacuum-sealing of their souls like they’re […]