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I always considered Carl Barat, vocally if not lyrically, to be a sort of poor man’s Joe Strummer, but on his second post-Libertines offering from the Dirty Pretty Things (who themselves are a retooled version of the latter day Doherty-less touring lineup of the former band) he slips a notch or two more to end […]

Bored. Uncreative. Goddamn. It’s friday and I feel as though I should write something. Anything. Maybe I should hold forth on the passing of yet another of my heroes… George Carlin. Nah, too depressing. He did live a long life, though, and stayed sharp as shattered glass to the very end. Fuck. We need more […]

First impression: this album isn’t very good… nowhere near as good as Missed the Boat. So I’ll give it another chance. Ok, still not crazy about the mix. The guitars are too thin and trebly, drowning out the vocals in places while sounding like something belched forth from my old Peavey Audition 110 despite the […]

Me and my friends are like the drums on ‘Lust for Life’ And with a wall of buzzsaw guitar, piano and 4/4 drums, so begins Stay Positive, the fourth full-length offering from The Hold Steady and the first album I’ve ever purchased off iTunes. God that sounds formal, doesn’t it? This happens everytime I start […]

I’ve been at it for ten years now… actually, closer to twelve now that I think about it. No, ten. See, I started with the bass and puttered around with the four-string for a couple of years before dropping a hundred and fifty bucks on a piece of shit pawnshop no-name electric six-string. It was […]

In these times of institutionalized rebellion and state-sanctioned nonconformity, what are the last true radicals to do? There was a time when sticking one’s fingers in the air was an act of defiance, when dying one’s hair or cutting it at odd angles was edgy and cool, a display of bold individuality. No more. Tattoos? […]

Top tens. This time of year, people love to take stock of things that have touched their lives or whatever over the previous twelve months and then arrange the results into digestible little chunks of data, usually numbered, bulleted or “in no particular order”. I too like to engage in this activity, not that I […]