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First impression: this album isn’t very good… nowhere near as good as Missed the Boat. So I’ll give it another chance. Ok, still not crazy about the mix. The guitars are too thin and trebly, drowning out the vocals in places while sounding like something belched forth from my old Peavey Audition 110 despite the […]

In these times of institutionalized rebellion and state-sanctioned nonconformity, what are the last true radicals to do? There was a time when sticking one’s fingers in the air was an act of defiance, when dying one’s hair or cutting it at odd angles was edgy and cool, a display of bold individuality. No more. Tattoos? […]

Indie Schmindie


Indie is the new Alternative, curdled homogenized barf; The Nickelback of 2015 will swap denim for sweater and scarf. Sweater Rock reigns supreme. One cannot sit through a commercial break at any point during the day without being exposed to a veritable mixtape of pseudo-hipster music. Big bucks. Everyone is cool these days, especially advertising […]