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Four Statements


I hate rap, but I love Eminem. I hate country music, but I love Charlie Pride. I hate rap, but I love the Beastie Boys. I hate basketball, but I love Bryant Reeves. Are all four of these statements equally ridiculous? Removing sexual attraction from the mix, my instincts want to go with ‘yes, yes […]

Former Glories


BRITAIN STREET Saint John, New Brunswick This is a street at war. The smallest children battle with clubs till the blood comes, shout ‘fuck you!’ like a rallying cry –– while mothers shriek from doorsteps and windows as though the very names of their young were curses: ‘Brian! Marlene! Damn you! God damn you!’ or […]



I’m a vampire, baby, suckin blood from the earth – Neil Young I am a vampire — rather, a vampire in reverse. Instead of staying up all night and sucking blood out of my surroundings, I stay up all night as my surroundings get fat off my blood. I do it for the paycheque, see? […]

Thank god for televised poker. No really, thank him now, because he knows that if it wasn’t for the celebrity poker matches now firmly entrenched in cable sports programming, we’d all be watching pyjama-clad men trying to hit a ball with a stick. Televised poker is exciting. I love it in the same way I […]